Our Officers & Members

Our current office holders are:

President:  Renée St. Jacques (Cameroon; 2014-2016)

Vice President: David Gittelman (Zaire (DR Congo); 1982-84)

Treasurer: Anthony Swingruber (Paraguay; 2015-2017)

Advocacy Coordinators: Sue Senecah (Western Samoa; 1973-76) and Anthony Swingruber

Many thanks to Kathy Sanderson, Maseeh Mukhtar, Sarah Janeski, Sara Poggi, Eliot Cresswell, Jeanette Gottlieb, Joe Doherty, Diane Peapus, Augusta Field, Steve Hoyt, Bill Batt, and all our former office holders.

Anyone interested in helping with membership or web/Facebook duties, please contact us.

Our members are involved in a lot of great projects, events, companies, and other stuff. Find out more below.

Friends of Akuffo Tom School

Friends of Akuffo Tom School Complex is dedicated to the support, improvement, expansion, and enrichment of education at the Akuffo Tom School Complex in Akropong-Akuapem, Eastern Region, Ghana, West Africa.

Mango Tree Imports

A free trade boutique in Saratoga Springs, NY. Mango Tree is run by Chris and Kim Anderson.

Northshire Bookstore

Owned by Chris Morrow, Northshire is the sister store to Southshire Bookstore in Vermont.

Circle of Writers

Founded by Mary Cinadr (originally from Clifton Park), Circle of Writers teaches the art of writing, while expanding the whole person, through an experimental and comfortable online environment.  We help both new and experienced writers discover and hone their unique writing “voices,” learn to give and receive constructive feedback, and craft their life experiences into meaningful pieces of writing.

Quolaquoe Mountain Connections

Peace Corp Volunteer Lynn Minderman served in the Qholaqhoe Mountain region of Lesotho in 2007-2008 and was witness to the abject poverty, devastating effects of HIV/AIDS, high unemployment, constant hunger of the population of orphans in the region and the barriers to education experienced by the high school aged population due, in part, to a tuition based system.

Qholaqhoe Mountains Connections is a response to Lynn’s experiences there.  It is, quite simply, an effort to improve the lives of children orphaned by the ravages of AIDS and to help lift the country’s young people out of abject poverty through educational opportunities.

Our mission is to benefit the people of Qholaqhoe, Lesotho by providing financial grants to fund education, cultivate sustainable farming practices, and to alleviate hunger.

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