Virtual RPCV Panel for College Students

On March 14, 2020, members of RPCVs of NENY participated on a Virtual RPCV Panel for Union College students. The panel was moderated by Abbey Knickerbocker, Peace Corps Recruiter for Upper New York and Western MA/CT and RPCV (Dominican Republic).

There were 17 participants in the Zoom call including the RPCVs on the panel who were:

Tom Ferris (Tanzania; 2014-2016)
Madeline McGrath (Moldova; 2017-2020; EPCV)
David Gittelman (Zaire (DR Congo); 1982-1984)
Renée St. Jacques (Cameroon; 2014-2016)
Toni Batha (Namibia; 2017-2019)
The RPCVs talked about their Peace Corps service and answered the students’ questions.

Click here to view the recording of the panel discussion.

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