2020 International Calendars- Sold Out!

We are sold out of calendars for this year, but we will have 2021 next year! Thank you for everyone’s support!

If you still want to buy a calendar directly from the NPCA, you can order them here: http://www.rpcvcalendar.org/calendar-2020/

They are $12 each and are a great fundraiser for our group, allowing us to continue to support our efforts to fulfill the 3rd goal. In addition to that, they’re really cool! Each day tells you what celebration is going on in which part of the world and also includes recipes to try, music to check out, and interesting international films and literature to try. See a preview of the calendar here.

Calendars will be on sale at our October, November and December meetings; however, if you’d like a calendar, but will be unable to attend the meeting, please send an email to rpcvneny@gmail.com.