RPCVs of NENY Meet with Congressman Tonko

On Friday, September 4th, 2015 four members of the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Northeastern NY met with Congressman Tonko in his downtown office. Topics of conversation included the Peace Corps budget/funding, the House Peace Corps Caucus, and House Bill 267, the Respect for PCVs Act, which would allow RPCVs to use the Peace Corps emblem or seal on death announcements and grave stones.

The Congressman has historically been a big supporter of the Peace Corps, so we thanked him for his support. In addition to Peace Corps advocacy, we had a great time discussing our past traveling and cultural experiences. Our 30 minute meeting turned into an hour, and the Congressman was very gracious and receptive to our ideas. The meeting ended with an explanation of our group, the things we do in the local community and internationally, and an open invitation to attend any of our monthly potluck meetings.


From left to right: Sarah Janeski (RPCV Kazakhstan), Congressman Paul Tonko, John Flynn (RPCV Afghanistan), Barbara Flynn, and Stephen Gottlieb (RPCV Iran).

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