2016 Peace Corps Connect Conference in DC.

The NPCA will be hosting its annual Peace Corps Connect Conference in Washington D.C. from September 21 – 25. If you’d like to see the schedule, register, or would like more general information, you can find it all on the website:http://www.peacecorpsconnect.org/community/annual-gathering/.  
If any member or members would like access to the Augusta Field Memorial Lifelong Learning Fund, please see terms and conditions below in our bylaws. The amount we have allocated in our 2016 budget is $300. If you have any questions, or if you’d like to request access to the funds, please email rpcvneny@gmail.com.
“5.2: Augusta Field Memorial Lifelong Learning Fund: In memory of former group president Augusta Field, the group shall establish and annually fund  one or more current members’ participation in Peace Corps Connect annual conference or another Peace Corps related conference, seminar or event. This fund celebrates the memory and service of our beloved former president, Augusta Field. Augusta, who passed away in 2015, was a volunteer in Lesotho in 1988. She was a very active, passionate, and warmhearted part of our group for many years. Her friendly and collegial spirit added vitality and welcomed members new and old. This fund salutes her work in higher education, her many contributions to the group, and serves to keep her memory alive.
The support this fund, the group shall make available a minimum amount of money each year (up to $300). Current office holders should, after reviewing the group’s finances, propose a specific amount as part of the annual budget. Members may request some or all of this funding in writing to any of the group’s officers. The group’s officers should bring worthy funding requests as well as their recommendation on approval to the group for a vote. Members receiving funding will be responsible to present to the group about their experience at Peace Corps Connect or whichever event is funded by the group’s donation. Members accepting funds agree to attend the event in question or refund in total the amount granted. This amount shall not accumulate year upon year. A new amount shall be authorized by the group’s officers each year. The group’s officers should promote the availability of funds via email, on the group’s website, and through contact with members.”

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