“A Towering Task” – Documentary about Peace Corps in the works

Our group has received a request from those organizing on behalf of the new Peace Corps documentary, “A Towering Task,” to spread the word about the documentary. RPCVs of NENY has already given a monetary donation on behalf of this endeavor and encourages other groups and RPCVs individually to contribute.


Tell our story. Build our community. Change the world.

As a community, we now have the unique opportunity to fund a world-class documentary that will help reignite Peace Corps’s purpose and sense of community, as well as pave the way toward a more peaceful world.

A Towering Task is the first comprehensive Peace Corps documentary to address some of today’s toughest questions that we face on a global scale. For more information on the documentary and a video trailer, click on this link: http://www.peacecorpsdocumentary.com/.

Imagine what the world could look like if the voices of tolerance and understanding could drown out the voices of fear and hate. As you probably know, the Peace Corps community – over 220,000 strong – could be one of the most powerful resources our nation has. But it is currently untapped, and many voices go unheard.

The crowd-funding campaign launches on March 1st. We are trying to raise $1 million during the month of March. Our first goal is to raise 30% in the first three days. http://www.peacecorpsdocumentary.com/donate.html

How You Can Help
We’ll let you know soon how you can best help us, which will include reaching out to your members to ask them to donate to the campaign.

Half of all proceeds raised will go directly to the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA), the backbone of the Peace Corps community.

Tell our story. Build our community. Change the world.
Together, we can leverage our collective power to advocate for a better Peace Corps and increase development impact by funding RPCV-led initiatives. The potential to invest in the future of the Peace Corps and in our global community is limitless. There has never been a more important time in our history to do this.

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