Wanna Be A Movie Star? Peace Corps Documentary Calls For Support.

Reposting from NPCA:

Peace Corps Documentary

RPCV and documentary producer Alana DeJoseph approached NPCA last year to collaborate on A Towering Task, Alana-DeJoseph-Towering-Task-blog-photoan in-depth documentary about the Peace Corps’ history and its outlook into the future.  Through NPCA’s fiscal sponsorship of this documentary, we are supporting not just one RPCV, but rather all RPCVs, to capture our history. And since this documentary is also about looking forward into the continued relevance and importance of the Peace Corps, it will raise the discourse about the Peace Corps and allow an earnest discussion about the strengths, weaknesses, and potential of the Peace Corps in the decades to come.

We invite you learn more and support the development of A Towering Task.  You can be part of this production with:

  • your financial support (donations to be made to NPCA, selecting the Peace Corps documentary as the purpose for the donation),
  • your archival materials (contact Alana DeJoseph, alana@peacecorpsdocumentary.com, to plan the best way to send any video/film footage or email documents from your service), and, most of all, with
  • your understanding of the Peace Corps, then, now, and in the future.

For more information, contact Alana DeJoseph at Alana@peacecorpsdocumentary.com or visit PeaceCorpsConnect.org.


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