Half the Sky Book Group Announced

Becky Raymond will be organizing a discussion group focused on the book Women Hold Up Half The Sky,  Turning Oppression Into Opportunity For Women Worldwide.

The book is a series of stories of extraordinary women that show that the most effective way to fight global poverty is to unleash the potential of women. It also discusses ways to take action. This is as an opportunity to read, discuss, and coalesce around advocacy and some kind of individual or group RPCV action, if we choose. Becky envisions meeting once a month for 4-5 months and having the first meeting at my house in Averill Park, in November (unless someone in Albany wants to host it). Future meetings will take place at a more central location.

If you are interested in being part of this RPCV book group (men and women) please email me at raymondb@nycap.rr.com with the evenings of the week that work best for you. We could also consider meeting on Sunday afternoons.

Link to Half the Sky’s YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/HalfSkyMovement/featured

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